How To Write The Perfect Cold Email Sequence

Spending long hours working leads but seeing a low reply rate? Supercharge your cold email sequences with these breakthrough strategies. These best-practices come straight from the trenches and helped me close enterprise deals with McKinsey, EY, IBM, and Virgin Media. Ben Holm – April 27, 2021 Common Cold Email Mistakes […]

Email Templates from Sales Leaders

Get more opens and replies with these email templates from top sales leaders like Dale Dupree, Josh Braun, and Kevin “KD” Dorsey. Dale Dupree Email Templates Dale Dupree, also known as The Copy Warrior, is the leader of The Sales Rebellion – a sales training company. Dale’s philosophy: “I believe […]

Josh Braun Email Templates

Josh Braun is a sales coach and one of the few people worth following on LinkedIn here. He consistently highlights ways you can improve your cold email and sales approach without selling your soul. Below we’ll cover the top Josh Braun email templates and how you can use them in […]

Tableau Sales Resume Template

The data visualisation software Tableau has become a popular choice for creating resumes because it provides slick formatting and can be published online. Here’s how you can create a standout sales resume in Tableau. Sales Resume Instructions 1. Download This Template Click the button below to download our free sales […]

Creative Ways To Get Appointments With Prospects

You sent an email and you didn’t get a response. What’s next? If you’re relying on a small number of big deals or responses, this guide will give you creative ways to get appointments with prospects. These strategies are explosive but also time-consuming and/or expensive. Therefore, it’s best to limit […]

How To Find Email Addresses

Effectively find email addresses using our power guide. These tools and tactics were gathered by B2B sales experts to uncover prospect email addresses in all sectors. What Is The Best Way To Find Someone’s Email Address? If you have the person’s first name, last name, and company name, you can […]

Create Personalized Cold Email Sequences At Scale

You know that writing highly personalized cold emails gives you the best chance of converting leads. But personalizing emails takes a massive amount of time, right? In this guide, we’ll show you how to create personalized cold email sequences faster than you ever dreamed possible. How To Create A Personalized […]

How To Add A Prospect On LinkedIn

You’re more likely to get a response from prospects if you use a multi-channel approach. Connecting with prospects on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can be a great way to break through. In the example below, Mellisa is a sales representative from ZipRecruiter. She’s approaching Brett Meinberg, the COO of […]

How To Use LinkedIn For B2B Sales

You tried a few LinkedIn posts but only got a handful of likes. You found a few prospects and added them. Some accepted. But your follow-up messages didn’t connect. You can see the opportunity to sell your solution but you don’t know how to do it. This is the ultimate […]