Email Templates from Sales Leaders

Get more opens and replies with these email templates from top sales leaders like Dale Dupree, Josh Braun, and Kevin “KD” Dorsey.

Dale Dupree Email Templates

Dale Dupree, also known as The Copy Warrior, is the leader of The Sales Rebellion – a sales training company.

Dale’s philosophy: “I believe in Radically Educating your prospects on a first touch. I believe in Responses, good or bad, but never indifferent. I believe your Territory is your Community, we enable Sales Wanderers. I believe your Pipeline is Alive. I believe people are more than just a signature for your deal. I believe in fellowship over negotiations.”

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Dale is an advocate of sanding out from the crowd. Check out the Dale Dupree crumpled letter.

Kevin “KD” Dorsey Email Templates

Kevin “KD” Dorsey was the LinkedIn Top Sales Voice of 2020 and is the VP of Sales at PatientPop.

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“One of my favorite tactics going after there is I’ll target low first. So I’ll target someone on the lower level and end users. Like, here’s what I know. So here’s what I know about…”


I see that you are a Director of demand gen. Because of that, I took a look at your website and I saw you run some display ads.

I found they worked pretty well but I was wondering, do you struggle with X, Y, Z at all?”

“Right? So I’m going low, right? It’s like, do you struggle with this problem or this problem at all? Just let me know. So I’m not asking for a meeting. I’m not asking, but if I can find out they struggle with something at a low end, then you go to the VP level.”

Hi X,

I know your company struggles with X/I know you struggle with X.

Here’s what I did, because I know that, I spoke to a couple of your demand gen managers, and I found out this is happening right now.

This is the impact of that, right? It’s probably causing your lead conversion to be lower, it’s causing your web traffic to go down.

I found a great article that talks about actually how to shore this up quickly and cheaply. Give it a read and let me know as you say, right?

Tips to drive higher opens:

  1. First sentence is more important than subject line. Have tested it on 1000s of emails. It’s true.
  2. Subject lines need to be short. 3-4 words tops.
  3. Build awareness early. Have your name and their name next to each other
  4. Personalized subject lines work well, but don’t take too long to write them.
  5. Make the first sentence engaging, personal, or highly relevant to get the open.
  6. Don’t be shocked when open rate increase towards the end of a cadence because they are now aware of you.
  7. Work with marketing to learn the top headlines, keyword searches and clicked adds. Those make great 1st sentences

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